Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy, Busy

I had a fun Labor Day weekend. I went to Memphis on Friday, and stayed until Monday morning. I got 17 caches, which included 2 webcam caches. Rode on The Dorena-Hickman Ferry across the Mississippi River, which was neat. Walked down Beale Street, where the webcam caches were. Saw the Peabody Ducks, at the Peabody Hotel. I had an awesome time visiting a friend, and caching. We also went to Mud Island.

Friday, we went to a high school football game, which was crazy. Germantown played Collierville. Lots of people in a little "stadium". Before the game, we found the oldest cache in Tennessee, LPS001. We ate at Huey's, really good burgers! You can shoot a toothpick in the ceiling after you finish your meal, I guess you can do it at any time if you wanted. I tried it, but couldn't get the thing to stick.

Saturday morning, we drove up to Kentucky. When I was planning this trip, I noticed how close Kentucky was to Memphis, so I talked her into going up here. We both needed a cache in Kentucky, so away we went. This is when we rode the ferry. We crossed into Missouri to get her a cache. She hadn't gotten one in MO yet. We got back to town and went to a birthday party for one of her nieces. After the party, I dropped her off, and went back to my hotel. Fun, but I was tired.

Sunday, I got up and went to church with her. Since Memphis was so close to Mississippi, I had to drop down and get a cache there. After church, we ate at Central BBQ. I don't usually eat ribs that much, but had them here. They were great! I didn't eat sauce on them. After lunch, we went by Graceland, just to the gate. I didn't think I would like going inside, I'm not really into Elvis, but I think I may want to go in now. Maybe next time. Now we was on our way to Beale Street. I wanted to go here so I could get two easy webcam caches. This place was really cool. On a Sunday afternoon, the place was hoppin'. Music everywhere! It was awesome. We walked to the monorail, and rode it over to Mud Island. That's a pretty cool place to. It has a scaled down version of the Mississippi River. I would like to go back to that to.

Monday, after eating breakfast at the Huddle House, we said our good byes, and I drove the long drive home.

It was a FUN weekend, and can't wait to go back!