Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Soapy Fountain

I was driving to a park, the park I do my C25K training at, and at another park, I seen this.
You never know what you will see when your driving down the road. Maybe a homeless perso wanted a bubble bath? I don't know, probably some kids. I remember one time when I was attending OSU Tech, someone had put some soap in on of the fountains in the student union. Speaking of putting stuff in the fountain, someone put a turtle in there one time. I'm sure there have been plenty of things in there at one time or another. Now OSU Tech is called "OSU Institute of Technology". When I started, it was OSU Tech, then it changed to OSU Okmulgee. Now I know, if anyone ever reads this, they wouldn't believe I went to an OSU school. Believe me, if there was an "OU Tech", I would have went there. I don't like OSU.

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